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Location: Maiden, North Carolina, USA

I'm Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics writing to you from rural North Carolina, USA. My husband and I reside in Maiden, North Carolina after relocating over a decade ago from Florida (USA), where we both grew up. After years of working in billing and customer service, I finally had had enough of crunching numbers and creating invoices. So I applied and was accepted into my local community college where I earned a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design in 2008. I call the college experience my own version of a 'mid life crisis' since I waited until I turned forty to further my education. After graduating, I established Avalon Graphics and have been working out of our home growing my design business steadily since 2009.

I primarily read historical fiction, always on the lookout for anything 'Arthurian', and while perusing the fiction section at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore spotted The Kingmaking. And that book discovery is what originally led me to Helen! I wrote to her with a letter of praise for her Pendragon's Banner Trilogy (which is still one of my favorite Arthur-centric novels of all time), and that initial contact led to her hiring me to re-design the cover for her pirate novel 'Sea Witch'....and I've been working with Helen ever since! She's introduced me to a whole bunch of great folks in the industry, so I owe a great deal of my recent successes to her!

I grew up with a healthy interest in anything related to the Arthurian legends - thus the inspiration for naming my design business 'Avalon Graphics'. I have always been fascinated with British history; in particular the Dark Ages. One day I will walk along Hadrian's Wall! I regularly attend local Renaissance Festivals here in North Carolina, and plan to travel to the UK for the first time in 2012 to visit all of the historical places that I've always read about. I am also an passionate digital photographer and often use my own photography in my design creations. So I will likely post my own photography from time to time in sharing what's going on in my part of the world.

Besides all things 'Arthurian', I also fell in love with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings novels while still working in the drab office environment. And when Peter Jackson produced the stunning films back in 2001, I found my muse again for imaginative pursuits. I began writing poetry and dabbling in fan fiction writing. And I wanted to create my own computer desktop wallpapers based on the Lord of the Rings and other fandoms.

After some research into how these digital desktop wallpapers were created I discovered a computer software program called Adobe Photoshop! Years before I went to college to gain a formal education in the medium I taught myself how to create graphics for the web and print media with Photoshop. What my formal education gave me was the technical skills that I would need in order to apply my creative skills in the field of Advertising and Graphic Design. Most importantly, I learned how to prepare digital designs for print and quickly discovered a particular love for book cover design.

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