10th October

Very dull and dismal today, the darker nights and late-to-get-started mornings have arrived.
The central heating is on, cobwebs (loads of them) are dew-wet of a morning.
Leaves are falling from the wisteria (into the pond, must remove them) and the trees are definitely turning. Acorns and conkers are everywhere

The horses are getting very woolly coats - even Jasper who is a thoroughbred.

So that's it folks.
Summer - or what we had of it - is officially over!

Next stop.... Halloween!


So quiet as the sea mist lay over the sea and stretched across the sand. I could feel my hair curling in the dampness. Even the seagulls flapped noiselessly through the air. A solitary figure moved in and out of focus as they crossed the beach to the harbour walls.

The dogs ran, ears flapping, in and out of the sea that broke across future sand, joyfulness in their every stride. My eyes flickered across the shoreline searching out pretty shells or stones worn smooth from an eternity of rolling along the seabed. Faint splashes and out of the gloom a kayak, a steady rhythm maintained as he made his way to the beach.

In navy jacket and flat cap, stick in hand came an old man with his Yorkshire terrier. He sat on a concrete drain and looked out to sea as small and feisty the terrier protected his stick from enquiring snouts. Fishermen sat on chairs surrounded by ice boxes of provisions and bait. Rods stood tall, tension in the line as  the hook waited for its prey.

No distant horizon to stare at today. Moistly cocooned in the still mist the only way to look was inwards.