4th October

getting somewhat autumnal out there now - a few trees are turning colour, leaves are starting to fall, nights drawing in. Getting a bit chilly of an evening.

Where did summer go?


After the rain

Three days of heavy rain have wreaked havoc in parts of southern Spain. Here in the province of Málaga some people sadly lost their lives as the water swept through villages and along roads. After the driest winter for 70 years, followed by one of the hottest summers for 70 years the ground was so hard it could not absorb the water, so the rain just flowed and caused terrible destruction in some places. It was predicted that a tropical storm was going to hit the costa del sol, and water spouts were seen off the coast of Gibraltar, but luckily it never hit shore here.

Yesterday there was very little rain and by the evening the temperatures were rising and the skies clearing. I have woken this morning to a clear blue sky and temperatures are rising to those more suitable to the last day of September (low to mid 20sC). The washing machine has been whirring away as I catch up on the laundry which is now going to festoon the terrace like flags for a coming home parade.

It is going to be a nice day for the Fuengirola Romería which takes place today. All those lovely horses with arched necks and high steps will be pulling traps or carrying riders decked out in their Spanish finery. I am annoyed that I will miss it, but shall try and source some photos from somewhere to share with you.