26th September

Apparently, Northern England (and Scotland?) has just had the worst September storms for 30 years.

Just by way of a change this year! :-(

This all started because our English Water Boards insisted on a hose-pipe ban in April.
 I think the ban start date was April 4th. It started raining soon after and has barely stopped ever since.


glorious rain! I was awoken at about 5.15 by drops of deliciousness falling with some force. It made me smile. I slipped back into a slumber and awoke half an hour later to find it had stopped. But it returned, this wonderful life-giving source that is going to seep into the ground and help bring forth the green shoots of recovery. After the fires, which spread so quickly and potently due to the lack of rain in the last 18-20 months, we should see new life spring up from the blackened, charred hillsides.

It is forecast to continue until Saturday, and I really do not mind as it is much needed. There was a good inch or more of rain water in the dog' bowls this morning. Compare the situation here in AndalucĂ­a with England where the seemingly continuous rain has caused floods and untold damage to people's homes and livelihoods. Mother Nature can be a fickle creature, what brings life in one place can bring ruin in another.

raindrops on the pergola


The weather has been a little mixed with some overcast days, some boiling hot with blue sky days and days that shift between the two.
This afternoon we have a 'herring or mackerel sky' where the clouds look like said fish filleted and flaking. When I was in Sedella that meant winds, here I am yet to find out. I have checked the weather forecast and the temperatures are set to drop over the coming days from somewhere in the high 20s/early 30s to the low 20s. On Wednesday we have a 70% chance of rain, we shall see whether it transpires at all. In the meantime there is no need to pack the t-shirts away but I may have to de-mothball a cardigan or two.

23rd September

Ah - this is more like English weather - it's pouring. Wellies & Brollies to the fore m'dears!