21st September ~ Friday

Yikes, I've not contributed in weeks! But in my own defense, I've been busily preparing for a trip to the UK and work has been crazy.

To re-cap - last week we had a cold front push down from Canada bringing a lot of rain and cooler temps at last. The sun has returned this week and thankfully the temps have remained very fall-like. The acorns are pelting the house and yard. And I believe our beloved little Hummingbirds have migrated on somewhere warmer for the winter.

I won't likely have a chance to post about the weather until I return from my holiday - so look for me to report in again in early October.


Summer may be on its way out

The weather is changing. For the last two days the clear blue skies and hot sun have been replaced with a grey cloud cover. It is still hot enough for t-shirt and shorts combos even for those of us who have acclimatised to the heat of AndalucĂ­a, but soon cardigans will be making a show in the evening.

On the last day of blue skies (though there were some fluffy white clouds) and heat I went to Mijas, a beautiful white village in the mountains above Fuengirola. The view down to the coast was hazy and the sight of the African coastline just a dream, but I found a chocolate factory so all is right with the world!
Fuengirola in the haze, from Mijas

Burro Taxis waiting in the shade, Mijas

Plaza de la ConstitucĂ­on