1st September

Oh dear I have been so neglectful - just haven't had time to even look at the weather, let alone write about it.

Here's a catch-up.
Its been getting quite chilly of an evening (in fact I turned the heating on last night) but it has been fairly dry - the occasional burst of rain, but nothing too drastic.
The garden looks like an overgrown jungle. Most of the autumn flowers are almost out - roses have done very poor this year, as have the geraniums.
The hazel tree was covered in hazel nuts - but Master Squiggs the squirrel has gaily been helping himself. Fortunately I managed to save a couple - which I intend to plant & hopefully grow,
Spiders everywhere - small garden spiders that seem to hang in the middle of nowhere & I don't see them until I walk slap into their web.
I now have a peculiar walking action as I head to the pond to feed the fish or into the greenhouse to water the ailing cucumber. I walk with my arm outstretched waving it slowly up and down.
Must look most odd to the neighbours - but effect as a pre-web warning!
The dogwoods are getting enormous, the wisteria has gone rampant and the lavender is all over the place.
It'll all have to stay Jungle-fied though as I haven't got time to sort any of the tangle out.
Nor have the inclination as we are going to be moving - assuming we can actually find a suitable place to move to!
(am starting to despair of that!)


31st August ~ Friday


Full Moon!

copyright photographer: Markus Gann
 We have decent weather at present. We are far enough northeast to not be too dramatically affected by what was Hurrican Isaac. We have had cloudy to partly cloudy skies all week with high humidity. But the temps haven't been outragious so I'll not complain.

Our acorns are beginning to fall....still startles me when they hit the roof!

White Oak acorn

mushroom in the yard

Mamma Squirrel stealing birdfood

Sourwood tree leaves are the first to change for Fall