I went to the beach for dinner last night. The cool air coming in from the sea was such a relief to the stifling temperatures up the mountain. I was even starting to feel a little chilly when the temperature dropped to the low to mid 20s, but come 11.30pm the temperature rose again.

My friend has a broken foot, so we decorated her leg with cheap bangles bought from the cabanas selling jewellery and other touristy items. Then her husband carried her to the car. The old ladies sat on the bench found it amusing, the teenage boys stood around chatting looked on and then laughed, the children who had been playing in the playground formed a line along the wall and just stared. They were completely transfixed by the plaster. A row of 5 year olds, at midnight, standing and staring. Very amusing.
A blinged plaster!


There's a breeze - yay!

Therefore I am outside - even bigger YAY!


11th July

Brilliant blue sky and sunshine today - although not very warm, and a bit windy. But 6.25 - in rolls a sudden storm (they come up SO quick!) and this time we are getting the works - a curtain of rain, which turns to hail - and rolling thunder.

Oh joy.

 Thunderstorm over London

and 6.46 -  twenty or so minutes later..... 
it's all gone and the sky is blue again.

Absolutely weird!

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Oh for a pool!

It was 29C when I fed the dogs this morning, and it just gets hotter. My tan is fading, because without a pool it is too hot to sit outside. If I had a pool I would invest in waterproofing for my laptop and bob around all day in a floating chair (a bit like this chap) and do all the necessary from there.

As it is I am sat indoors, curtains drawn but windows open, living for the occasional delicious breeze that slides through the window. I am running low on water, so a trip to the supermarket is required but the idea of standing in a queue on a day like this...
However, they are all air-conditioned - maybe a little jaunt down the mountain is not such a bad idea after all.


10th July ~ Tuesday

FINALLY. Cooler temps and a little rain!!! *dances* Not nearly as much as the UK is experiencing, but I couldn't be happier to see an end to the blistering heat!

10 July

Ditto the last month's-worth of posts.



Cloud Cover

I've woken to cloud cover, which at the moment is providing a nice cool temperature (relatively speaking) - a blessed relief as I have to drive to the other side of Malaga shortly. It is forecast to burn off, but I hope not. The dogs and I deserve a little shade and respite; yesterday it was still registering 34C at 10pm on my thermometer.


I am watching the rain pur down at Wimbledon whilst sat in temperatures in the mid-30s that feel like early 40s. Rain does make England green, but I'm sure that friends and family back home would prefer a little sun as well!

Here, in Sedella, the only greenery on the brown hills are the vines, almond and algorroba trees. Málaga still looked lush when I popped in yesterday. The palms and sub-tropical plants that line the road to and around the port offered shade and a pleasing sight.

8th June

Today's a.m. news on TV.

Disastrous flooding in Russia kills many people

Flood alerts in the UK - I can back that up: it poured with rain here in London from about 9 p.m. It is now 11a.m. and it hasn't stopped.

Our news also had a piece about the heatwave in America - highest was 105, apparently, and lots of people are without air conditioning because of power failures after the recent storms.

My only thought with that (sorry Cathy) is what did people in the US do before they had air conditioning?

Also - I assume there is no worry of a water shortage in the US?
The ironic thing is that we had a shortage here in the UK earlier in the year - at the start of April a hosepipe ban was put in place because the water levels were so low....
jumped the gun a bit eh?