7th July

10.52 a.m.

It is absolutely POURING! It looks like someone is running a shower at full throttle outside my office window.
FALLING down..... oh lord is this rain never going to end?


I typed the above - and someone turned the shower off! The rain suddenly stopped and within a few seconds the sky has gone blue again!


Lovely weather for ducks!


6th July

Poured with rain all morning. Stopped about an hour ago & now bright blue sky out there. Won't last.

There are two blackbirds "pinking" their alarm call two gardens away - right distressed, either a cat is up the tree, the magpies have found the nest or the fledglings have fledged & been found by a cat.

I hate to hear the birds in a state, but there's nothing I can do.

(I have been known to hare out into the front street in my nightdress at dawn to throw used tea-bags at bird-nest marauders.
Tea bags are good because they don't hurt too much, and disintegrate easily.

Neighbours have wondered why their gardens or the street pavement have been littered with used tea bags though....


5th July

We are, apparently, in for a LOT more rain here in the British Isles.
Parts of the UK are under an Amber Flood Alert

so to cheer everyone up before we all turn into ducks....

images from a Google search


The Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to all of my fellow Americans. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday! And I hope you can keep cool!! It is hot and humid here - currently 88F/29C and expected to climb even higher. What I would give for some rain!!!!


2nd July

Raining. Hard. Again.


Like Cathy we are suffering from  the heat in Italy. At gone midnight we are sat, criminally without air-con, in almost unbearable heat. It is 29C, but feels about 5 degrees hotter. Not so bad if we had not had it at 10 degrees hotter again during the day.

I only wish it was having the same effect as a steam-room weight loss regime...sadly not!! ;)

1st July

HOT, HOT, HOT. We saw 107F (42C) yesterday evening while driving in town. And it was still 90F (32C) at 11PM last night. It is already 96F here at I fear another record breaking day yet again. The humidity is higher today which is making it uncomfortable to breathe INSIDE.

I need to move to Alaska.


I hope all of my fellow Americans suffering in this massive heatwave are finding ways to keep out of the heat this weekend. Be safe. Drink plenty of water!