28th June ~ Thursday

We have seen a week of mild weather here...but that is about to change as of today. While it is currently 77F/24C, we are being warned that 95F will be here by suppertime. And this weekend we are expected to see triple digit temps. I'm melting already. *laughs*

My apologies for my lack of and personal efforts have been overwhelming as of late. And during the summer months, I'd just as well hibernate in a cool, dark room.

28th June A few stormy day images

Very humid - according to Twitter there are torrential storms in the Midlands.... just hope they STAY there!

Author Elizabeth Chadwick's Swimming Pool - er patio

(image stolen from Twitter @Chadwickauthor )


27th June

Had to go to our horse vet's to pick up some stuff for the neds, so a nice drive to Ongar, in Essex.

We came back via country lanes - elderflower covering nearly all hedges, beautiful dog roses, baby swallows sitting on telephone wires... green fields, ripening corn.

And then it rained.
Boy this is getting boring!
The sultry weather (l'afa, in Italian) of last week has broken. Humidity is back to sensible levels and temperatures have dropped by about 5 degrees. That still means we are experiencing temps in the early 30sC, but cycling is a lot easier!
The dawn chorus wakes us at about 4.30. All the birds of the village seem to congregate in the trees outside our bedroom window; as the temperature is a cool 20 at about that time, with a cool breeze, it is nice to be conscious of the coolness as it crosses the room.


26th June : Post Two

The Honeysuckle
 (pity about the neighbour's Sky dish in the background :-(

My Garden : Walthamstow, London
June 2012

Top end of the garden
The shed to the left is the chicken house
well, maybe a little overgrown...
Sybil butterfly watching

26th June : post one

It was a beautiful morning. Quite hot (though a bit humid) Put the washing on the line to dry, made lunch, sat in garden.... and it bloomin' started raining didn't it? Grr


25th June 2012

A High Wind In Walthamstow.
phew! Bit blowy out there again today!