22nd June

Well the rain has stopped.
And its blowing a gale instead.


Buongiorno from northern Italy

I stepped off the plane in Bologna at 22:45, into temperatures around the 29C mark. Hotter than Malaga, yet further north. The forecast is for mid 30s and upwards for the next two weeks.

We found out just how hot it could be today when we made the mistake of walking back from town at 1pm, with shopping. Never again will I let my sensibility desert me in that fashion. Heat exhaustion was a definite; one more km and it could have been worse. Seriously, do not undertake long walks without a hat, shade or sufficient water in high temps - it can be a killer.

On a more positive note, it is definitely BBQ weather. The chicken is merrily cooking away, plentiful cool water is to hand, and to celebrate the fact that I have managed another year on this planet... a cold glass of wine as well!



18th June

my last post was 11th June. I haven't put anything new because "it's raining" can get a bit tedious.

I am thinking of buying some gopher wood. I believe that's what Noah used to build his Ark.....