9th June

Poured with rain yesterday. Again. High wind all night and this morning - it seems to have dropped a bit now, but apart from a very overgrown and over watered garden it is more like October outside, not June.
Getting fed up with getting wet. :-(

Kathy has brought the horses in - the field is more like a swamp. What a shame - it was like this last week....


Sounds of the countryside

I drifted into sleep to the sound of cicadas singing, that was 1.30 ish. I love their music, very soothing on a hot night.
I was woken at 7.30 by the sheep. The shepherd has informed me that he has to bring them out early in the morning because by 10 it is too hot and they tend to just lie down.
I know how they feel!
I dream about doing this to sheep at about 7.30 am!!


6th June

It is 12.38 pm and it is absolutely pouring down - large raindrops falling like a sheet of water. There are three sounds I can hear - the hiss of the rain itself, the splatter of heavy drops on the leaves of the trees and the wisteria, and the plop of rain into the pond.
Ah... its easing, now I can hear the water running away down the drain outside my window and a few birds twittering. As the rain eases the sound of the drips falling on the ground and into the pond take over.

The sky was a brilliant blue earlier this morning (about 8.30) and it looked like it was going to be a nice day. Ho hum....

It is also quite chilly, I have a sweater on, may put the heating on again later as well (had it on last night)

Now the rain is falling heavier again.
It is still hot. The roses which looked so beautiful are struggling. I water them, but the blooms are a little raggedy around the edges. The basil plant which sits on the windowsill, only getting sun for part of the day, is drinking water at a rate of knots. It wilts, but withing five minutes of adding water it is all perky again.
I wish the same could be said of me!

Geckos and lizards are in abundance. I don't mind them at all. I am waiting for the chameleon to make his appearance. They move so slowly, until you pick them up, then at an amazing turn of speed they are up your arm. It's like living in a mini-dinosaur world.

Spot the Gecko! He is doing his best to blend in.


5th June ~ Tuesday

We've enjoyed very mild weather so far for June. Partly cloudy skies and cooler than normal temps every day. It has been quite nice! Pity I've been so busy inside and not enjoying it as much as I'd like to. My Hydrangeas are still loaded with big blooms, so I've kept a couple of cut arrangements inside to enjoy them too. After an extremely mild winter, all of the plants and flowers have flourished so far this year. But should I be worrying about a hotter than normal summer? *bites nails*

I believe my British counterparts are busy celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee yet today. I'll tip my hat to Her Majesty as I family bloodlines do come from the British Isles even if I am an American myself.


4th June 2012

Yesterday it poured. It was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration Pageant on the River Thames - thousands of people lined the 7 mile stretch of river bank to watch dozens and dozens of boats take part.
In the pouring rain. Most people were, literally soaked to the skin.
But we are Brits - everyone interviewed on TV said the same thing... "We're soaked, so what! "

It was one of those occasions where you either wept and became utterly miserable, or laughed and got on with it.

Watching those people standing in the rain heartily cheering our Queen as her barge sailed by, I thought of people in the past.
They did not have plastic macs, umbrellas, a nice hot shower to go home to, a flask of coffee to drink from. Yet we managed to survive as a human race.

Bit surprising we've not all developed webbed feet and gills though....


June 3rd

Cold, wet, and miserable.
I was awoken at dawn by a noisy magpie squawking outside my bedroom window. Explains why I hear no little birds singing of a morning (not heard the robin or the wren for a long time)
Magpies chase off the little birds, unfortunately, because they eat the eggs and take the babies, so all the little birds find elsewhere to nest.
I don't particularly like magpies.
The squirrel and cats go for them though, so I suppose Nature has her way of regulating things.

Just wish she could re-set Mr & Mrs Magpie's alarm clock! LOL