It was a bright moon last night. I cast a long shadow on the drive as I stood outside to cool down. The temperature is in the 30Cs during the day and is not cooling much in the night.
This is when the tan starts to fade as it is too hot to sit outside unless you are lucky enough to have a pool, or be by the sea.
I am starting to wilt.


Very muggy today. At ten this morning it was 27C, with cloud cover. I dried my hair by driving along the motorway. I had to have the window open, it was sticky.
It was thre same all day.
Now (10pm) the sky is a dusty pink and the moon is sitting three-quarters full. It is cool enough for the dogs to start playing, and exploring. I am hopeful for a cool night's sleep. 

Moon, not sun.

30th May

Sitting at my desk listening to a blackbird singing in the tree outside. Beautiful. :-)


Darkest before dawn

It is darkest before the dawn. At 5.45 the sky was draped with a funerary cloth; the gauzy moon no longer hung above the mountain top, all the twinkles had been snuffed out. There was a deathly silence, not even the owl called his mournful song. I returned to bed.

When I awoke for the day, Mother Nature had daubed white splodges on the cornflower blue sky. The yellow backs of bee-eaters flashed across the sky catching the early insects, larks sang from the telephone wires and the sparrows sat on the decorative bars outside my window, heads cocked . The air clung to my skin, its sticky fingers leaving me tacky.

As I descended, the air cooled slightly. The sea mist curled around the masts and lighthouse, hiding the horizon  beneath its mantle. Window down, music on, the air whipped my hair.


27th May ~ Scorching Weekend

Yesterday was particularly hot and humid - temps reaching the 90 degree mark and wilting every living thing in sight. Today is not much better - thankfully a few passing clouds give us a reprieve from the oppressive heat. Is it Fall yet? *laughs*
Bouquet of flowers on my desk at present
At least my four big bushes of Hydrangeas are in full bloom offering me many beautiful bouquets of flowers to enjoy both inside and out!

Sangria is chillin' and I awake sundown and cooler weather.