Dawn, dusk, sunrise and sunset. Useful info for writers

I was made to think this morning - painful. The question posed was 'how long is it after dawn that the sun rises in Spain?'
I hazarded a guess at half an hour, based on the fact that the sky was light and the birds were singing about 30 minutes before I saw the sun's rays hit mount Maroma, turning it a beautiful pink. I also had a vague remembrance from my years at White Waltham airfield (not flying, rest easy) that technically, non night-rated pilots could fly until half an hour after sunset. My rationale being that that must officially be dusk, ergo dark. Whether that is a correct remembrance, I cannot tell you.

A quick look on the internet and I found this website It gives the dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk times for the world. 
This is a very useful tool for writers who want to make sure that their plot does not disintegrate because of a few misplaced minutes.

Sunset in Sedella

26th May

I sat out in the garden last night and watched the dusk fade into night.
The sky was a perfect blue, which turned into a purplish blue, then faded very gradually to black - although the light of the sunset stayed along the western horizon for quite a while. There was a glow along the eastern edge as well, but I was not sure if that was moonrise or street lights!

The vault above me changed very slowly from blue to black.
I saw one spot of silver twinkling away well before the sky went dark - something just catching the sun. I feel fairly confident this was a planet, not a star. Then gradually little pin-pricks started developing, which grew in intensity - the stars were coming out.
Sadly I can only see a few of them here in London, too much back-scatter light.

The wind had dropped (it blew up quite strong in the afternoon yesterday - my poor wisteria got a bit battered and two solar lights were blown off their hooks) The evening was so still and calm though - enjoyed the chance to relax. With a glass of wine of course!


Too Hot to Trot

You know it's warm when I start sloping around rather than walking at my normal speed. There may be cloud cover, and a light breeze but it is in the 30s C.

This calls for a beach lunch on Sunday.

Meanwhile the bee-eaters have arrived - yeah! They are such pretty little birds, flitting about at speed, before taking a rest in shrubs or on telegraph lines. Yellow is the predominant colour when in flight, but at rest their resplendent plumage, and cute superhero eye masks, are lovely to see.

European bee-eater.
Courtesy of Rashuli, via Wikipedia

25th May

absolutely glorious.
The sky is so BLUE!

There is quite a N W wind blowing though - very strong so no chance of putting up sun shades etc. I was going to sit out in the garden but the wind is too cool in the shade and its too hot in the sun.
Ideal day for getting the laundry done though.

And here's my pond and the wisteria!

more pics at


24th May

Three days ago it was miserable and cold. Today - I wish it was cold LOL
Glorious day, the wisteria is in bloom, the upstairs neighbour isn't in and my garden is fabulous.
Sat out for morning coffee, lunch, afrternnon tea and no doubt an after dinner glass of wine.
No work getting done of course.

My garden two years ago - I'll update asap
We have a blackbird in the tree at the bottom of the garden who has been singing his heart out - he is also a mimic so can do a computer beep, a phone ringing and the school whistle blowing. Clever Boy!


Confused Climate

The weather seems to have forgotten its lines. Instead of a midsummer night's dream, I was living through a winter's tale yesterday. Snow fell on the mountain - it's May!

From the village the sea looks very blue today. I just sat and stared until the postman arrived to dish out the post.  It is a trifle chilly though. The wind is gusting strongly and the walk with the dogs left me pink of cheek; long trousers and a jumper are de rigeur attire.

Thankfully, the prompt should be with us for the remainder of the week and the weather will be playing its usual May role of warm and sunny.


20th May ~ Sunday

Sunny and pleasantly warm - 77f/24c and I'm okay with that. Yesterday was surprisingly cooler and cloudy. Pity I am spending the weekend cleaning and boxing up stuff in my office instead of outside enjoying the comfortable weather.
Our Hydrangea are nearly all open now - we have a massive showing this year so I should have vases full of those gorgeous mop head blooms for a while now.