11th May

Isn't it awful? I have been ensconced in my sitting room all day reading through Part One of Ripples In The Sand - absolutely no idea what the weather is doing outside! :-(


Sun, sun, sun

Summer is here. Officially. My house, normally an ice-box, is registering 22C first thing in the morning. It is almost too hot to sit out in. Dog walks are now taking place under-cover of morning and evening twilight.
The downside is flies and wasps - I've got to get one of those draping things for the door (never know what to call them) to prevent insect entrance.

It will stop the birds from coming in as well. I have had a pair of swallows carrying out their aerial display in my living room, and a lark that decided the best place to hide from the dog was behind the fridge. All safely left the building, eventually.

The best thing is that the night chorus has struck up again - frogs in the stream, cicadas dotted around the garden, the Skope's Owl beeping away and a nightlark. It is bountiful here...and hot!


9th May ~ Wednesday

Peony in bloom
Rain yesterday and today. We need it! We are several inches behind in total rainfall for 2012 so far. I am also quite happy to have temps back down in the upper 60's instead of the scorching 90 degree days we had last week!

I love this time of year as I can keep cut roses and Peonies in vases on my desk for the entire month of May. I love the scent!


8th May

The swifts are back! I so love them!  The sound of their squeaking as they hurtle by, their agility - their sheer joy! Wonderful!

Also my wisteria is starting to break out into flower only green pods at the moment - I'll take a photo when the flowers break out.

Apart from the bloomin' rain.... I think spring's come!


7th May

I'm swimming in the rain, just swimming in the rain....
Not much point keeping a weather diary at the moment .... just repeat
'It's raining....'


What a contrast today is to yesterday. There is sun, blue sky, a few white clouds and a light breeze, and that Sunday morning quietness. Yesterday there were times when I couldn't see the other side of the drive the cloud was so low, let alone the mountain.
I'm off to Acebuchal, a white village that was abandoned for nearly 50 years and which has been brought back to life. Which is just how I feel now the sun is out!