4th May ~ Friday!

May the Fourth Be With You!
(today is the official Star Wars Day)
C3-PO artwork - it has a floral element!
Okay, I'll focus on the weather now *laughs* We've had hot and sunny weather all week. Have I mentioned that it has been hot? It's been hot. Like 90f bake on the surface of the sun hot. In early May. We are in trouble for this summer aren't we? I may need to move to the arctic circle.

No rain, rarely a passing cloud, and no relief in sight. So I think it shall be Mojito Time this weekend!


The week has flown by and it is not as if I have had the same weather each day for them to merge into one. Yesterday was wonderful. Cloudy in the morning up the mountain but shopping required a schlep down to the coast. Lunch at the little port of Caleta, in the sun, blue sea sparkling - wonderful. Returned to a mountain devoid of clouds and an evening apertivo on a neighbours terrace watching the sun make its final descent.
Another sunny day in store, though forecast is for clouds to gather and the next two days to be rain, and more snow on the mountain top. I can cope.
The beach at Caleta, AxarquiaSpain


2nd May

Not raining but its forecast.
Garden is looking very green - all sorts of things coming into bud.


29th April

Sunday. Buckland Brewer, a village near Bideford. Well, what you can see of it through the gale force wind and pouring rain!
This is the view, Sunday afternoon, from my bedroom window.....

Jo is worried that I'm bored "Do you want to go out?" says she

Nope, I'm quite content to leave battling through a gale force, rain torrent weather front to Jesamiah and my imagination!

The wind is whistling round the house, with the occasional roaring, moaning,  gust - everything outside is moving, being shaken and tormented - trees, hedges, plants, What would it be like at sea for a sailing ship? My goodness, pretty dreadful I should think.

The birds here are fantastic.... hundreds of them: Hedge sparrows, blackbirds, chaffinches, greenfinches, goldfinches, (a portly pigeon) great tits, blue tits, a robin, pied wagtails, dunnocks, wrens,  bullfinches... two  crows have just sailed in (a bit bufffeted). There are two cock chaffinches squabbling over the bird banquet on the bird table... how the birds manage to fly in this wind, I don't know!