28th April ~ Saturday

A cloudy, overcast and cool day here. Most unexpected after several days of sunshine and heat. I'll take it though! Rain is forecasted for most of the week too.
Flowers are doing quite well in the yard:
My favorite rose is finally blooming. It is massively fragrant too!

Iris still blooming.

Our Mountain Laurel is finally open

More Mountain Laurel

And my planter circle along the front walk.

I awoke in the early hours to the sound of rain. I knew then it would be a lazy Saturday.

Drizzle misted the air as I supped tea and the dogs fed under the shelter of the verenda. Dull but not lifeless, the birds still sung, the frogs were calling and Pepe poodled past on his moped.

A brief respite from the rain as I listened to quiet, melancholy music. It darkened again. The clouds crawled up the hillside covering all, smothering the last light in the sky.
Before the light was snuffed out.

Very melancholy music, it's so calm...shhhh


After the excitement...

The wind has dropped, it is just the merest of breezes. The sun is hot in an almost cloudless sky. I am making the most of it and researching whilst sat in the warmth liberally doused in Factor 50 and with a hat firmly perched on my head.
My roses are plentiful, and the lemons are turning from green to the palest of yellows. The frogs are singing in the stream and the birds are busy nesting. It is that peaceful, comfortable time before the serious heat.


25th April

Rain, rain, more rain .... but you don't ant to hear about that!

This is the view from our B & B window a couple of weekends ago. Across the river is where the famous Sutton Hoo burial site, Suffolk,  is located. 

This photo was taken at about 9.30a.m. and it was a glorious day outside - although the wind was bitter cold. 

and this photograph was taken a couple of hours earlier at about 7 a.m. with the sun just rising - you can see the faint tinge of pink in the clouds.

Everything was so still and quiet - apart from the several hundred birds all shouting the Dawn Chorus at once! 



Well no rain so far - and the birds seem quite chirpy (literally!) in the garden. Forecast is ..... rain :-(

Of Earthquakes and Campo Fires

It was a strange day yesterday. As I sat at my desk waiting for inspiration to leap out of the screen, grab me by the throat and make my fingers dance across the keyboard, the windows shook in their frames. I thought perhaps the house was possessed. It turns out it was an earthquake, on the coast some 100km+ away. I don't know how these things work, but a neighbour who does confirmed the earthquake theory. No need for an exorcist. They had pictures fall from the walls. I toddled off to the village with another neighbour for coffee and market day.

The wind from the previous days had completely vanished in the morning, a blue sky, warm sun and birds singing their hearts out. By lunchtime (2.30) the wind had started to pick up on my side of the valley. It was a warm wind but it swirled and it was strong. It was even stronger by 5.30 when a neighbour on the other side of the hill called me about a huge cloud of smoke. Campo fire.

This is when we have to be grateful for the rain, hail and other precipitation we have had this month. Whilst I was bemoaning cold temperatures, wind and rain little did I know how pleased I would be later. The rainfall has made the hillsides green. The earth is still dry but the vegetation was not as dry and tinder-like as it could have been. The wind got stronger, swirled and the fire hopped across the ridge and onto my side of the hill. We called the fire brigade.

They didn't send the helicopter with its bucket full of water but men with huge fly-swats. They came and beat the flames down. By that point I could hear the crackling of the trees and shrubs as they started to ignite. The wind was strong, we were lucky that they got it under control so quickly.

This was a minor fire. We were fortunate.

I'm not going to complain about rain again... well, not too much anyway.

The next morning. The fire started at the bottom left


...with the aid of the wind the fire hopped over the ridge
starting a few smaller ones

The men with beaters turn up

...and do a sterling job

...and by sunset the fire is mostly out.
The men stay for a few more hours  and put out a couple of small restarts.
(Apologies for the blurriness but the wind kept blowing the bamboo in the way)


23rd April

St George's Day & Shakespeare's Birthday (& day he died)
I don't support St George because I like dragons & I regard him as a dragon murderer. I'm also Britihs Celt / Welsh not English, so not really too bothered about some Roman-based guy who had nothing to do with England being our patron saint... and as I don't believe in saints either...

so I don't care that the pouring rain has messed up planned celebrations. Quite happy sitting here in my nice warm, dry, office.....


Earth Day - 22 April

My calendar tells me that today is Earth Day. I am not certain that is worldwide or something designated on American calendars? But today we are to celebrate 'green'.

Each year on this day thousands of people celebrate the Earth and what it means not only to them, but to the human race as a whole. Others use this day to bring the public’s attention to Earth and the effects our lifestyle is having on the planet. Until recently, Earth day was the only day most Americans even celebrated the planet and stopped to consider what was happening to the Earth. - per Earth Day 2012 site

So below are several beautiful images of our planet courtesy of Webshots:

As far as the weather today: cool and rainy. A good day to relax and read, drink tea and enjoy Mother Nature's bounty.