20th April ~ Friday!!

Cloudy today and currently a mild 17C/61F. I can deal with that. A little humid though as we've had a rainy week. But nothing severe so again, I cannot complain.

Seems I'm keeping more of a blossom diary than a weather diary. *laughs*

My first Iris to open this year

My Rhododendron are blooming with the Mountain Laurel not far behind.

Pink Snap Dragons doing well.

Pink Knock Out potted Rose looking lovely.

20th April

It's sunny.
I'm taking bets on how long it lasts.......


19th April

I just haven't had time to post anything! :-(
Weather wise it has been typical April showers these last few days, although the "showers" have been rather aggressive hail stones!

I've just heard a distant grumble of thunder, so it looks as if we are i for another downpour.... oops yes, that was lightning. Time to switch off I think.

(Yet again using the umbrella to go out and feed the chickens their supper. Still, it saves watering the garden.)
I was surprised how early the almond blossom was this year, the result of an almost non-existent winter. The blossom has long since been replaced with young nuts, cocooned in their green-velvet cases which are whirling around in the strong wind. Winter has arrived in April.

The spring flowers are remarkably hardy for such fragile looking things. Poppies, lavender, daisies and a whole host of others sit amongst the juicy spring grass and bend and sway with the wind. Very few have lost their petals.
Not easy to capture the sweetpea
when it dances in the wind

A lone Poppy


17th April ~ Tuesday

*blushes* I have been busy (no excuse!) and not keeping up with the weather!

We've had warm sunny days for a while now. Not a drop of rain thus we are several inches behind in average rainfall so far this year. I've had to water my potted plants quite a bit!

My Bearded Iris are nearly open and our Apple Tree is already loaded with tiny forming Granny Smith green apples. The Snap Dragons are full of blooms and my Knockout Rose (in a pot) is also full of blooms. It is nearly time to take out the Pansies, who are wilting from all this heat, and replant all of my hanging baskets.

There is a threat of late storms today. Just checked the radar and nothing .....yet. The massive tornado outbreaks in the US have not come this far East...yet. But what crazy weather! The weeds are enjoying a booming growth period as well.....

Banshees wailing outside my window. Let them be the beautiful spirits not some old hag.  I live in El Duende (duende is Spanish for a form of goblin/spirit) perhaps they are having a gathering. No banshees, no duendes just the wind keening all through the night.

That was Sunday night. Monday the wind still blew, cold from the north. The clouds had moved from the top of my mountain - snow; in April. Down on the coast, the wind had dropped to a murmur, shame I was only there for shopping (all right, and a glass of wine).

The wind has lessened, but it cuts through you, an icy stiletto. Jumpers are the order of the day. The dogs don't mind; unless it is torrential rain (and even then the young one wants to go out) any weather is good for walking. And that is where I am off to now - somewhere over the hills, with ear-muffs on!