Thursday ~ 5th April

We've been unseasonably warm until a cold front pushed in today - rainy and cool again. Strangest Spring that I've experienced in ages!

The Oak trees are nearly 100% leafed out now. Dogwoods and other flowering trees are in full bloom.
Flowering Dogwoods both white and pink.
[photo found online - author unknown]

There is still a heavy concentrate of pollen in the air so I'm still stuffy and breathing is not comfortable outside. So I'm hoping for more rain to help clean it out of the air.
Rain is forecast. The skies have darkened and I'm waiting for the deluge. I keep thinking it has arrived but it is the sound of the bamboo swaying in the wind. I've lit the fire and will soon be in front of it with red pen, in edit mode.


It's Easter Week - bring on the rain

Easter week in my part of Spain always seems to be cold and damp. It certainly was last year when I had visitors who had packed predominantly t-shirts!

Today, I left the dogs in the garden as I went down the mountain to shop, collect car from the garage - basically to be relieved of cash! As I left a few sploshes of rain fell. Not to worry I thought, they have the verenda.
At the coast it was sunny and warm but as I left the supermarket and looked at the mountain all I could see was black cloud and lightning. Guilt - poor boys.

You can't drive at speed up the mountain, I went as quickly as I could. Horses had broken free from their paddocks, obviously spooked by the storm. I was about to try and lead them back when their owner turned up - I could hurry on to my boys.

My dogs were fine. There had been a hail storm. Balls of ice nestled against the verenda step and oddly one hill-side only, not mine either, was sprinkled white with the stuff.

Since then we've had another hail storm and I can see this lasting for a while. I've lit the fire and the boys are sleeping in front of it. Content again.


Last week in Northern Italy

Apologies for my absence (in case it was missed!) but unless I was sat under the statue of Garibaldi in the piazza of the same name in Rovigo I was without internet connection for the past week. I have been sunning myself in northern Italy. Glorious and unusual weather - 28 or 29 degrees C for the all but Sunday.
The canals and streets of Venice look so much better in the sun than the overcast, rain-filled skies of my last visit. Cycling around Ferrara was fun in the sun (apart from the sore bottom due to cobbled streets) and gardening was wonderful with the blackbird providing the soundtrack.
My office on the cloudy Sunday

S.M.della Salute, Venice

Now I am waiting to return to Malaga and the weather in my mountain hide-away.

2nd April

Forecast is for frost and cold - not sure if that is a delayed April fool or not? It is a lovely day outside, the sky is a perfect blue, with the occasional cotton-wool puff of white fluffy cloud.
But um, yes, it is a bit nippy...

Oh and my post yesterday re the ban on large watering cans?
Take note of the date.....


1st April...

...No fooling!
 It's lovely and sunny outside, but you have to sit in the sun - the shade is quite chilly.
The coltsfoot (celandine?) is coming out in bloom (called coltsfoot because the leaves look like the imprint of a colt's foot) so little patches of yellow everywhere.
The forget-me-nots as well - mostly blue, but a few pink ones.
Unfortunately, where we had to put a new fence up, they all got rather trampled. I don't think the raspberry bushes have made it through the winter either.

I thought I heard somewhere that the government was going to bring in a restriction on the size of garden/allotment watering cans, 1/2 gallon size cans only. Apparently this will have a two-fold result: less water used and people getting more exercise as they tramp backwards & forwards to keep refilling when we want to water the garden.