30th March

Bright sunny sunshine, but goodness it's chilly! My legs, sitting at my desk, are freezing, OK so I'll have to go put a pair of socks on. And a sweater (no, not on my feet! Duh)

It's really warm at the front of the house - which is west, of course. Back, where my office is, is east.
I suppose the sun isn't strong enough yet to warm the brickwork & all-round air up yet.


28th March

I've not had time to even look out the window today. I saw some blue sky, so I assume it has been a nice day?

It is still chilly of an evening, though, and when I went to bed last night (about 12.30 ) it seemed very misty outside.

Everything is very dry though - we have a hosepipe ban starting next week. If we don't get some rain soon here in the South East, I don't give much for our crops again this year. This includes fruit, veg - and hay as well as cereal crops like oats, wheat etc.

As far as hay is concerned it already costs about £5 per bale. I can see £6 by the end of the year :-(

28th March ~ Wednesday

Our Azaleas and Lilac are in full bloom now:

The Lilac have such an intoxicating scent! I need to cut a few and have a vase in my office! And I want to play in the garden rather than work. But work it shall be. *laughs*