Where did Spring go?

One week ago I was in t-shirt and shorts adding some colour to my rather white legs. Thursday I was in the garden with a make-shift sun-screen for my laptop (Heath Robinson would have been proud!) clad in jeans and mid-length sleeves. Today, the fire is lit, the clouds are steadily inching their way down the hillside and I am wondering whether I should put another jumper on!
Apparently it is warm in England. I think there is some form of weather-exchange going on. It never seems to be warm in both places at the same time. *ponders*

A friend on the other side of the campo has orchids in bloom. They're still hiding their blooms under the leaves this side so here is one from last year.

24th March

It is an absolutely glorious day here in London.
I've been sitting here watching a robin stuffing himself from my bird table - which is actually a hanging basket. The bird "table" fell apart when a particularly large, fat, pigeon landed on it; plus I reckon a hanging basket is safer because the cats can't get at it.

I half filled the basket with earth & I scatter the seed on top - working on the theory that any seed that doesn't get eaten will grow into the sort of grasses & such that birds like to eat. So win, win all round.
Assuming fat Mr Robin leaves some seed....

By the way - don't forget to provide a source of water for your garden birds and widlife, especially if, like us here in London, there is a water shortage.

image found on Google search


22nd March ~ Thursday

Cloudy day but the blooms are progressing nicely in the yard....along with the pollen *sneeze*
Violas still holding on

Oak trees beginning to leaf out (against a cloudy sky) and the yellow pollen is coating EVERYTHING.

Carpet Phlox in near full bloom now

Wisteria in bloom

Close up of bee working over the Wisteria blooms


The air was filled with the sound of crackling. I wondered whether the house was on fire, but then the hail hit the roof harder.
I'd like to say I was kept awake all night by the alternating sounds of hail and heavy rain. Instead I was kept awake by a vomiting dog; the weather was just the backdrop.

21st March

It's the first day of spring! Wishing you a sunny Spring Equinox!

and sharing this cute little fellow

not my photo, found it on the Internet & promptly stole it -
isn't he adorable?

baby hedgehog



After lying in the sun in t-shirt and shorts on Sunday and baking in a car on Monday morning waiting to pick up a neighbour from the airport, Monday evening was wet. The mountain was hidden under dark clouds, a couple of rumbles of thunder sent foster dog scrambling for cover and the rain fell steadily.
This morning the clouds have cleared, and the mountain has a light covering of snow. It is the first day of Spring and the damp earth is going to help those spring flowers burst forth.


18th March ~ Sunday

Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day! A day late, but I'm still celebrating!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

 “May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten”— Irish Blessings

Today is an overcast day with rain supposedly on the way. But I got out my new camera (Yay!!!!) and snapped the progress of a few flowering plants in the yard.

A neighbor's cherry tree

One of my Daffodils

Old fashioned Lilac as it prepares to bloom

Creeping or Carpet Phlox as it begins to open - the blooms will soon cover the plants greenery entirely.

A Wisteria as the bloom pod begins to open.

Forsythia bush - not quite fully in bloom. The flowers proceed the new green leaves every year.

Close up of the Forsythia or Yellow Bells as they are called locally.
The daily weather reports are a little similar from this part of the world - sun, blue sky, a few streaky white clouds and a light breeze. What hasn't been the same each day is the sunset.
They are glorious at this time of year, the clouds help, reflecting and refracting the light across the sky and hillsides. The sky seems to be tinged by the whole spectrum of reds as the sun sinks below the horizon. Each night I have taken to the verenda to watch the day leave in a blaze of glory.
16th March
15th March