10th March

Not usre what the day is going to do yet. The sky is an overall greyish-white, there is just the faintest breeze stirring a ouple of leaves on the evergreen tree outside my office in next door's garden (one day I'll find out what type of tree it is)

I can hear a plane droning somewhere, and the trickle of water from the fountain in my pond - otherwise...... is anyone else awake out there? That sort of dead sound you get .....


It's not rain per se. It's saturated air that turns the verenda tiles into an ice rink and darkens the tyres of the car to a dust-free black.
The dogs have already taken themselves to lie on my bed. It saves on preparing hot water bottles. The foster dog is lying friendless in his basket. He does have the benefit of being near the log-fire.
I am at the dining table writing - it is silent except for the odd crackle of burning wood and the sound of a keyboard being pummellled into submission.


5th March ~ Monday

Wow is it ever windy today. We are under a weather advisory for strong winds and I hope that it doesn't blow down any large tree branches! It is supposed to dip below freezing tonight too with a chance at snow flurries. So much for Spring!


4th March

I was worried about my friend, Kelly, in Ohio as I'd heard about the Tornadoes ripping through the US - she assures me she is fine, but:

"The tornados have hit southern Ohio and we're at the northern tip just a few miles from Lake Erie so we're ok - we're just getting hit with snow at the moment. Here's a term for your weather journal - lake effect snow. Northern Ohio is one of only a few places in the world that have this weather phenomenon that, although it's not bitterly cold, dumps lots of snow very quickly in it's wake. I live maybe three miles from the Lake Erie shoreline so we get hit pretty good throughout the winter."

Snow squall coming in over Lake Erie

The Lighthouse, Cleveland, Ohio

Lighthouse Ice Castle

Thanks Kelly, glad you are OK.

(images from Google search "Images Lake Erie Snow"
You wouldn't know it had rained. Ground is hard and dry again but the spring flowers are pushing their way through and carpeting the hillside. The lavender is out in full force and the orchids will not be far behind. I love the wild orchids, not long now! Walks are accompanied to the sound of birdsong and the buzz of bees - absolutely wonderful. I am truly blessed.

Lavender against a backdrop of prickly pear, and a bee hard at work.

Mix of delicate spring flowers

The small green curls will grow into the hard, brown pod (Algarrobo)

I like the markings of the 'leaf-bug'