Saturday, 3rd March

We had a series of deadly tornadoes rip through parts of the US yesterday and last night - thankfully we did not end up with a tornado here in the Piedmont of NC. But my thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones and property in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky yesterday. I have family in Indiana - thankfully the storm line was south of them.

For us, we had a heavy shower in the middle of the night and nothing more. Today is gray and dreary, but not raining at present.

The gloomy weather did not stop a squirrel from ravaging our bird feeder this morning - I took his photo through the kitchen window as he nearly fell off the lip of the feeder:

3rd March

The suns gone, but its not too cold - though Husband said the forecast is for more snow. I don't listen to him, though, because I can't seem to convince him that "more snow" usually refers to Scotland or Shap Fell, or the Yorkshire Moors - where yes, it usually does snow in winter.

Shap is the highest point on the M6 Motorway in Cumbria - especially famous for one of the railway's highest tracks (engines often had to be "double headed" to get over the rise - that means two engines had to be used to haul the train) there are even recordings of the sound of these engines working as they struggle up the hill.

Interesting if you are a steam engine fan, of course. Boring if you're not! LOL

images from the Internet via Google Search for "images shap fell"


It has been a week of mixed weather fortunes. Two days (Sun and Mon) were spent in t-shirt and shorts in the sun before returning to normal spring attire but with no need for the fire. Last night was definitely cooler and the fire burned merrily in the grate. Just after midnight I left its glowing embers and made my way to bed.

15 minutes later and foster dog is barking his head off and throwing himself bodily at my bedroom door. Sent back to his bed he continued to shiver and shake, then....thunder and lightning. My dogs stood looking on, heads on one-side, perplexed, as foster dog shakes and cries. Turns out he is OK if he can lie next to my bed. Pathetic dog!

I love a storm. We were in the middle of it. Thunder clashed against the house and lightning lit it from one end to the other. I lay in bed and immersed myself in it. Wonderful!

Inspection of the dog bowls this morning relates 1 inch of rain fell in the night. We needed it. More is definitely coming today by the look of it. I won't begrudge it especially as the rest of the weekend is set fair.


1st March

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus i bawbi !

which basically means Happy St David's Day

and outside it is a glorious spring day, so I'm not sitting in here any longer


27th February Monday

We have the first of our Daffodils in bloom and all of the Hydrangeas have buds coming out on them as well. Yet the weather is still cold (12c/52f) and overcast with rain supposedly on the way. It still feels like winter despite the signs of spring in the garden.


400 nymphs?

I opened the front door and walked into warm air this morning. I love that. No cool morning air, no need to dart about in order to keep warm, just warmth. Subsequently I have not done what I should do; instead I have sat with a 1964 edition of a Dorothy L. Sayers Lord Wimsey novel on a blanket in the sun clad in shorts and t-shirt and got colour on my wintered flesh. (I was going to write 'skin' but as Wimsey says in this book, skin is such an ugly word.) The wind has picked up and is forecast to be rather breezy until early afternoon tomorrow, but with more sun. I can cope.

Moving garden furniture around I have found Praying Mantis egg sacs in the underside of the moulded plastic chairs. Research has told me that up to 400 nymphs could emerge from them in spring/early summer. I'm not sure whether I want 400 'mini-manti' scattered across my verenda. The death warrant remains unsigned whilst I consider the pros and cons.

Praying Mantis egg sacs

Is this the mother having a rest after egg laying?