24th February

We had our afternoon tea in the garden yesterday - made a few plans to put up a trellis archway, move the garden seat & erect taller fencing between our garden & next door's junk.
We also discovered that the water butt leaks. Oh well.
Looks like all the geraniums in the greenhouse have survived though!


23rd February ~ Thursday

I'll chime in as well - sunny warm day for mid February! I have windows open and it is nearly too warm in the house for me! Ice and snow Sunday and sunny and warm today. Currently 72F/21C which is a bit unusual for this time of year.

We have our golden finches back too...and had a small flock of blue birds over the weekend.

And the first of my Daffodils are blooming! At a quick check, my Hydrangeas and roses are budding and showing the first signs of growth I cross my fingers that we don't' have a late winter freeze to damage the fresh growth.

The porch is still wintry dirty so no meals outside tonight. *laughs*

23rd Feb

It is an absolutely lovely spring day out there - even down to the robin singing on the fence outside my office window.

Enough of this blogging, tweeting and facebooking, I'm going out in the garden

The clouds have gone.

The last three days have been covered with ominous looking cloud that luckily did not deliver the rain they carried. Luckily in as much as we had a book sale yesterday for charity and open-air book sales and rain do not go well together; not so lucky in that we really do need some rain here. The ground is like iron and I can see water limitations on the horizon if we don't get some soon.

And it is not forecast, the next five days show sun all the way with temps ranging from 16 to 19C. And that is 2000 feet up, on the coast it will be warmer. I feel a trip to Malaga coming on!


22nd Feb

Today started off bright, but turned to a drizzly rain. Not too keen on drizzle as its neither one thing nor the other.
Nice having more daylight now though, it doesn't start getting dark until gone 6 ish - December time its dark by 4 p.m.
Officially first day of spring soon!


20th February

We did indeed have some snow last night. Not much though and certainly it will melt off today as the temp rises above the freezing mark - sun is out bright and clear this morning too. But it was our first bit of the white stuff this winter. It has been mild thus far - so still waiting for the massive ice/snow dump before spring arrives.

Pansy with snow and ice on its delicate petals

The view of the woods out behind our house

Trees behind the garage as the sun rises this morning

Another Pansy - thankfully they are resilient little flowers and it will bounce back.


19th February - Sunday

The temperature has steadily continued to go down since I woke up this morning. It is breezy and lightly drizzling outside.We are under a winter weather warning - may end up with snow tonight. The temp is near the freezing mark right now with plenty of precipitation falling outside to easily turn into snow or sleet. I'm happy to remain indoors! What a sharp contrast to yesterday morning when we had spring-like temps and sunny skies!

19th February

Sunny day outside & I'm stuck indoors catching up on work I should have done last week.
Mind you, its cold out so I'm not grumbling too much.