16th February

Too busy this week to take too much note of the weather. Sad really as I should be enjoying nature more!

Cloudy damp day here. Not much rain, but no sun and no warmth to be had. I drank a lot of hot tea once the coffee ran out this morning. I watched our resident pair of Cardinals feed a bit at twilight - well to be honest, just a darker gray really. The Cardinals didn't seem to notice the lack of a sunset though.
It goes without saying that the reason I have not updated the blog for a few days is that I have been struggling with the burgeoning postbag courtesy of that rip-off day that St. Valentine's has become. Mmm, on the other hand it could be because I have been busy writing....

I think it may have rained further up the mountain today. I can hear the stream at the bottom of the valley and the mountain peak is shrouded in cloud - it's an educated guess, though I could be wrong. What I am most definitely not wrong about is the beautiful sunset tonight. The sun was cushioned between cloud and mountain foothills and created an aura that resembled an eye.


Who turned the thermostat down on the sun?

I know I shouldn't be moaning as it is not as cold here as many other places in Europe and the States but...this is Southern Spain for goodness sake!
The air temp did not rise above 8C outside today and a very light, but distinctly frosty wind, meant that I could not enjoy the sun on the verendah as I have for the past couple of days. The fire has been burning up my log supply and I managed to get the temp in the living area to a balmy 16C. I think my almost non-stop writing is the only reason I still have blood flow to my fingertips.

My next house will have central heating, I cannot winter without it for a third year (I'm getting old I've determined), as well as a fire. These things I used to poo poo as for wusses are now absolute essentials. I'll just get my winceyette nighty and thick bedsocks...

13th February

It's a lot milder, and its raining. Pretty miserable out, actually, so I'm quite happy to stay indoors!


12th Feb

Put some new solar lights up in the garden. Bad idea. My fingers got frozen.
went down to -10 last night apparently. I wouldn't know, I was snuggled beneath my nice warm duvet - with a certain kitty cat curled up on top of me!

12th February

It is supposed to be a lazy Sunday. We shall see if I follow through or not.

Yesterday an icy cold front blew down from Canada - we were under a wind advisory all afternoon and it was fierce! Mother Nature did some pruning as the wind blew a lot of lose branches and detritus out of the trees and littered up the yard. It was down to 26F (-3.3C) degrees by twilight. And as my husband got out of bed just before dawn this morning, it was only 18F (-8C). BRRRRRR!! No precip though, so no snow. But snow is forecast for this Tuesday. So we shall see if North Carolina joins the UK in the white stuff or not. At least we have a bright, clear, crisp sunny day today. Yesterday was mostly cloudy in comparison.

by ~Juulebof at Deviant Art