Higher up the mountain the rain became snow. I would love to share a picture of my beautiful mountain with a white cape draped over her shoulders...but by the time I got the camera out she was smothered in cloud.
After splashing through the puddles the dogs are now gentling snoring in front of the fire. I have managed to find some room for me, but not as close to the fire as the pooches!
Snoozing space is in the far, cramped (unseen)corner!

28 Jan

Bright, bright sunny day - but goodness it's cold out there! It even sounds cold - that sort of crispness in the air that magnifies sound. No frost or ice though, just cold, crisp, air. There's a bit of a wind, I assume moving air currents is enough to keep things from getting frozen?

Mab the cat keeps insisting on coming in through the cat flap in the back door & going out the window in my office.
No I am NOT sitting here with the window open. Absolutely not..... oh for goodness sake, OK, I'll open the bloomin' window.......


It's raining (not men sadly)...

and there's thunder in the clouds. Yesterday's sunny albeit cool day has been replaced with grey skies, a definite drop in temperature and rain. Foster dog is a complete baby, scared of thunder, so I am having to calm his shaking body. But not too much! I am a firm believer in not pandering to this behaviour but he is quite clearly scared.

The lightning has just sent him onto my lap...and I've lost the internet connection. Blast!
It's back ...quick press post!


Sunny Days, Chilly Nights

The beautiful blossom is playing havoc with my sinuses. It's January for heaven's sake, literally got over a cold one day, hayfever the next. Still summer is usually OK for me - I have blossom-fever!
The days have been sunny with a light breeze, some cloud not reaching overly warm temperatures but a pleasant 15 - 16 degrees C falling to between 4 and 9 C at night. I have not been able to make the most of it though due to sniffles.
The herbs are very thirsty in their pots on the sunny window-sills; it is a minor miracle to have year round Basil growing, for me anyway.
There are lots of pied wagtails around, bobbing along the track. They do seem to prefer to walk when they can. The hoopoe bird has been singing his heart out on the overhead electricity cables. He is a very elegant chap and when he flies his stripes are a psychedelic show on their own.
Hoopoe (courtesy of RSPB)


22nd January

Bright but cold wind - very mild out for this time of year though.
Feel very lacking as Deborah & Cathy post such lovely posts! I'll make more of an effort one day! #laugh