13th January

Oh gosh I have been slacking in updating!

The week began with rain, rain and more rain. We even had a tornado touch down the next county over a few days ago. The heavy winds followed as another cold front blasted in from the North. Today has been sunny, but very stiff breeze and chilly outside. The birds are all hunkered down methinks as activity on the feeder has been sparse in this weather. It is currently dark outside and only 1C/37F degrees.

Time to switch on the gas fireplace and curl up beneath my blanket!

13th January

Heavy frost this morning. Not that I cared too much, I'v a rotten cold, so scuttled to the bathroom, told the dog to hurry up in the garden then scuttled back to bed.


There was a heavy dew this morning and the temperature has dropped considerably. Rain is forecast over the weekend and whilst I like the sun the beautiful greenery that shrouded the hillsides after the last 2 days of rain (some time ago now) has returned to its yellow/brown hue. Rain is needed and I have my supply of logs, so with the "I'm all right Jack" mentality firmly lodged in my brain, bring it on.



Even with my cold I could smell the Almond Blossom. The almond trees are sporting pale pink flowers and the bees have come out of hibernation to start the pollonation and honey making processes. It is a warm spring day compared to the unseasonal heat of the other day which I put down to the wind from Africa. The dogs enjoyed scampering about whilst we slowly ambled along - washing up the morning after a dinner party really takes it out of you!