I can see Africa

A gorgeous, warm day in Axarquia; the Spanish will be enjoying their Dia de los Reyes holiday which is a day of parties and celebration.
We have celebrated by climbing further up the mountain to see the vultures. It was 22C at midday and though there was quite a strong wind blowing up there it was warm. T-shirt and bare legs are the order of the day. It is clear enough to see Africa across the Med.
I am now about to don a hat, sit in the sunshine and put pen to paper.  Still 4 (and a bit) more hours of sun to soak up. Glorious days.


3rd January

Happy New Year!

While London had a nasty rain storm, North Carolina has had a powerful arctic blast blowing down from Canada today. It was 22 degrees when I woke up this morning and is still only 32 (-2c) at 2 in the afternoon. The wind is blowing quite strong, so no doubt the wind chill factor is more like 10 below! I froze my fingers off just walking down to the curb for the mail! But the sky is bright blue overhead so it is deceiving to simply look out the window. My dog is all curled up in his bed and I don't blame him! I'd love to spend the rest of my day underneath a warm blanket!

Now where did I leave my cuppa??

3rd January

Storms over UK this morning - and boy what a storm! 100mph wind in places. I nearly lost a bedroom window. Only had it slightly open but a huge gust of wind shook the front of the house and the window was pulled open - just grabbed it in time.
The rain was so heavy I couldn't see across the rood.

Storm damage
Only one casualty in the garden though - one broken flower pot. (love the image above - an old faithful!)

Now - a couple of hours later - bright blue sky & brilliant sunshine with only the occasional gust hurrying through the trees

Weird Weather!