Summer may be on its way out

The weather is changing. For the last two days the clear blue skies and hot sun have been replaced with a grey cloud cover. It is still hot enough for t-shirt and shorts combos even for those of us who have acclimatised to the heat of AndalucĂ­a, but soon cardigans will be making a show in the evening.

On the last day of blue skies (though there were some fluffy white clouds) and heat I went to Mijas, a beautiful white village in the mountains above Fuengirola. The view down to the coast was hazy and the sight of the African coastline just a dream, but I found a chocolate factory so all is right with the world!
Fuengirola in the haze, from Mijas

Burro Taxis waiting in the shade, Mijas

Plaza de la ConstitucĂ­on