5th September

Poor old weather diary has been a bit sporadic for all three of us these last weeks - we're all so busy with various "must be done today" lists.

So here's an update for the London area.
Its sunny, but the warmth is going from the days - quite chilly in the shade. Bit of a wind and there is definitely autumn in the air - the trees aren't turning but if you look quickly you think "Hmm, are those leaves turning yellow or not?"

Quite a lot of berries as in rose hips, etc but not much fruit as in blackberries (our raspberries at home were hopeless this year - I think we had about 12 in all!)

The evenings are drawing in as well - almost dark by 8 o'clock yesterday.

If I had the inclination (and the space in a kitchen etc) I reckon I'd be busy bottling or freezing fruit & veg for the winter - making jam, and chutneys. Drying herbs - all that sort of thing as people in the past would have been doing.
Harvest festival soon - although the harvest has been poor this year because of all the rain earlier in the year.
The cost of wheat will be going up - which will push everything up. Hay is already expensive.