1st September

Oh dear I have been so neglectful - just haven't had time to even look at the weather, let alone write about it.

Here's a catch-up.
Its been getting quite chilly of an evening (in fact I turned the heating on last night) but it has been fairly dry - the occasional burst of rain, but nothing too drastic.
The garden looks like an overgrown jungle. Most of the autumn flowers are almost out - roses have done very poor this year, as have the geraniums.
The hazel tree was covered in hazel nuts - but Master Squiggs the squirrel has gaily been helping himself. Fortunately I managed to save a couple - which I intend to plant & hopefully grow,
Spiders everywhere - small garden spiders that seem to hang in the middle of nowhere & I don't see them until I walk slap into their web.
I now have a peculiar walking action as I head to the pond to feed the fish or into the greenhouse to water the ailing cucumber. I walk with my arm outstretched waving it slowly up and down.
Must look most odd to the neighbours - but effect as a pre-web warning!
The dogwoods are getting enormous, the wisteria has gone rampant and the lavender is all over the place.
It'll all have to stay Jungle-fied though as I haven't got time to sort any of the tangle out.
Nor have the inclination as we are going to be moving - assuming we can actually find a suitable place to move to!
(am starting to despair of that!)