I've been a little lax with updates as I am in the process of moving from the solitude of the mountains to the relative chaotic noise of an urbanization on the coast. Gone are my sunrises punctuated by the sound of a whistling goatherd and the animals' bleating. Gone are my glorious red sunsets with burning clouds and a pink sky (well, they are there I just can't see them). Sunrise is to the sound of a lawnmower, midnight is accompanied by the arrival of the bin men. One saving grace is that I did hear an owl, so there is some wildlife out there.

Yesterday morning as I returned to the mountain for my piecemeal move, the coast was swaddled in seamist. Swathes of white smothered the front line properties and stole silently across parts of the motorway. People were still headed for the beach, to sit or swim in cool whiteness; quite ethereal.