13th August ~ Monday

Same old, same old here in NC. Hot and sunny with a chance for afternoon storms every day. *laughs*

However, I managed to get a few photos this morning:
White Oak tree acorns. Although they are not fully formed just yet.

My dog Buddy who kept frightening off the birds while I was
attempting to get some photos of them.

Despite Buddy's barking, I managed to get one of our Hummingbirds!

Berries on the Sour wood trees.


  1. The picture of the humming bird is brilliant. I can't get that clear a picture of a stuffed dodo. :)

  2. I had to take about 15 photos of the little guy to get one decent image to share. *laughs* They are a tough little bird to capture. I used my digital SLR (which has a built in stabilizer) with my long lens on as well or I'd not got a single photo of the little guy at all!


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