The British and the Weather.

The Brits are weather obsessed; it doesn't matter where we reside the weather is always one of the subjects of the day.
A Facebook exchange between friends this morning (names have been substituted with places):

Milan, Italy: Jesus it's 18 degrees and I'm bloody freezing in my t-shirt .. not used to English weather conditions any more :-)

UK:'s scorchio here now!!!!! set to rise to the dizzy heights of 29 this week.....just in time for us to fly out there!!! :o)

Sedella, Spain: 22 here in Spain and cloudy. What's going on?

Milan, Italy: I know Spain - WTF?! And UK, it is still hot during the day, but so much cooler in the mornings and evenings... not altogether a bad thing...

Perth, W. Aus: We have 24 during the day and down to 2 during the night! Huge temperature changes.

Eilat, Israel: 39 now going up to 43 here in Eilat but it's a dry heat

Milan, Italy: Well the sun has come out again now and we're back up to 29° and it should be in the 30's for the rest of the week. Phew! Thought for a minute there I was back in the Uk...

Sedella, Spain: Still in cloud and 22 - actually find the odd day like this a blessed relief!

We'll probably still be updating each other into the evening!