8th June

Today's a.m. news on TV.

Disastrous flooding in Russia kills many people

Flood alerts in the UK - I can back that up: it poured with rain here in London from about 9 p.m. It is now 11a.m. and it hasn't stopped.

Our news also had a piece about the heatwave in America - highest was 105, apparently, and lots of people are without air conditioning because of power failures after the recent storms.

My only thought with that (sorry Cathy) is what did people in the US do before they had air conditioning?

Also - I assume there is no worry of a water shortage in the US?
The ironic thing is that we had a shortage here in the UK earlier in the year - at the start of April a hosepipe ban was put in place because the water levels were so low....
jumped the gun a bit eh?

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  1. I can't believe how extremely different our weather is from Europe! And early Americans dealt with the heat and humidity same as yours I'd expect. LOL Although you do have an American to thank for inventing the air conditioning unit itself.

    However, Ancient Greeks, Jews and Persians invented the idea of air conditioning long before us Americans actually installed units in our homes. The ancients collected natural ice and snow and used it to cool wine, food and delicacies. They used wood or sawdust to insulate the ice and reduce the transfer of heat to stop the ice from melting.

    Where I live in the US, we are not in a drought ....yet. But half the country is - all those areas currently being ravaged by wildfires for instance. It is horrid.

    Adorable photo of chicks in a sink!!


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