23rd July

My office ceiling and walls are sparkling with little dots of fairy light ... yes, it is 9.52 a.m. and the sun is shining and glowing on the crystals which hang in the window.

I can hear the swifts outside shouting their excitement as they race after insects, and one of the chickens is cackling as she lays a "cackle fruit" (an egg)

The waterfall in the pond is trickling merrily (we altered the fountain a short while ago to turn it into a fall over some rocks) The fish love it - there are about a dozen of them round the bubbling water sunbathing, and there is also a huge spider's web outside the window with a big fat spider plonk in the middle of it - also sunbathing? The web will be broken the first time Mab jumps onto the shelf outside the window demanding to come in via that route. At the moment,she is asleep in the greenhouse (yes, sunbathing!)