Same old thing

I am supposed to provide something more than the sun shone as my weather updates. Unfortunately, that is all that has happened.

Yesterday, the sun shone. Oh, and the day before, and the day before that. There has been a good wind, but it is still hot. Today the sun is shining.

The wild flowers are no more, the hillsides are losing their greenness and flowers in gardens are burning not flowering. On a positive note the birds have fledged and there are daily battles over the dogs' water bowl on the verenda as the two families of sparrows compete for this precious commodity. One pair nested in the flue for my gas boiler, the other half-way down my chimney. It is nothing short of a miracle that their offspring have survived and managed to leave the nest.

The flies have returned with avengence. It was the same last June. My weapon of mass destruction (fly swat) has been fully utilised and my youngest dog has been turning in circles snapping at the air to get relief from the pests.

So, quite a bit has been happening, just not with the weather. The sun is making her daily transit across the skies, and we on earth are hot!