6th June

It is 12.38 pm and it is absolutely pouring down - large raindrops falling like a sheet of water. There are three sounds I can hear - the hiss of the rain itself, the splatter of heavy drops on the leaves of the trees and the wisteria, and the plop of rain into the pond.
Ah... its easing, now I can hear the water running away down the drain outside my window and a few birds twittering. As the rain eases the sound of the drips falling on the ground and into the pond take over.

The sky was a brilliant blue earlier this morning (about 8.30) and it looked like it was going to be a nice day. Ho hum....

It is also quite chilly, I have a sweater on, may put the heating on again later as well (had it on last night)

Now the rain is falling heavier again.