4th June 2012

Yesterday it poured. It was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration Pageant on the River Thames - thousands of people lined the 7 mile stretch of river bank to watch dozens and dozens of boats take part.
In the pouring rain. Most people were, literally soaked to the skin.
But we are Brits - everyone interviewed on TV said the same thing... "We're soaked, so what! "

It was one of those occasions where you either wept and became utterly miserable, or laughed and got on with it.

Watching those people standing in the rain heartily cheering our Queen as her barge sailed by, I thought of people in the past.
They did not have plastic macs, umbrellas, a nice hot shower to go home to, a flask of coffee to drink from. Yet we managed to survive as a human race.

Bit surprising we've not all developed webbed feet and gills though....