26th June : Post Two

The Honeysuckle
 (pity about the neighbour's Sky dish in the background :-(

My Garden : Walthamstow, London
June 2012

Top end of the garden
The shed to the left is the chicken house
well, maybe a little overgrown...
Sybil butterfly watching


  1. Came to this post via twitter and so glad I did! This is my kind of garden, reminding me of my days living in a small village in the UK. And Sybil is adorable!

  2. Hello - thanks for leaving a comment. You wouldn't believe my garden is on the edge of London in the suburban sprawl that is Walthamstow would you? There are a few more photos on my Picture Diary page : http://helenhollicksdiarydates.blogspot.co.uk/


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