11th June 2012

It was lovely yesterday - I planted out some trailing lobelia & petunias into pots & hanging baskets, going by the forecast which said rain was expected in the evening - ah good, wouldn't have to water.
Ok, joke? Right (Bazinga!)
Someone "up there" obviously forgot to turn the tap off. It started drizzling about 6 pm. By 8 pm was raining hardish - by 9 pm was pouring - and continued pouring ALL night and all this morning.
I haven't been out to look, but what's the betting some of the lobelia has been washed away?

Paying for the gardening today though - my hips, back, and knees hurt quite a bit. Didn't sleep either - couldn't get comfortable.  Still, I did lay there and work out the end for W.I.P. Ripples In The Sand.