Sun, sun, sun

Summer is here. Officially. My house, normally an ice-box, is registering 22C first thing in the morning. It is almost too hot to sit out in. Dog walks are now taking place under-cover of morning and evening twilight.
The downside is flies and wasps - I've got to get one of those draping things for the door (never know what to call them) to prevent insect entrance.

It will stop the birds from coming in as well. I have had a pair of swallows carrying out their aerial display in my living room, and a lark that decided the best place to hide from the dog was behind the fridge. All safely left the building, eventually.

The best thing is that the night chorus has struck up again - frogs in the stream, cicadas dotted around the garden, the Skope's Owl beeping away and a nightlark. It is bountiful here...and hot!