Mountains and Pine

The skies are hazy, I think it is the hint of the temperature drop to come. Meanwhile I have been a little higher up the mountain with the dogs.  I couldn't see the sea for the haze but I know it's there, which is the main thing.

The mountain water is channelled to a water works. The dogs loved paddling in it, as well as quenching their thirst. It is so quiet and isolated and the smell of warm pines was so evocative of childhood holidays in Spain. You can't help but be happy there.

I've just noticed that the orange stone in the r-h
top corner looks a  little like a fox's head.

I came across the biggest of my gecko collection yesterday, resting against the bench on the verenda. I need one in the car. I wass bitten four times, by some horrible flying nibbly thing, by the time I drove the 3kms to drop my rubbish off. That is the downside - mozzies!!