26th May

I sat out in the garden last night and watched the dusk fade into night.
The sky was a perfect blue, which turned into a purplish blue, then faded very gradually to black - although the light of the sunset stayed along the western horizon for quite a while. There was a glow along the eastern edge as well, but I was not sure if that was moonrise or street lights!

The vault above me changed very slowly from blue to black.
I saw one spot of silver twinkling away well before the sky went dark - something just catching the sun. I feel fairly confident this was a planet, not a star. Then gradually little pin-pricks started developing, which grew in intensity - the stars were coming out.
Sadly I can only see a few of them here in London, too much back-scatter light.

The wind had dropped (it blew up quite strong in the afternoon yesterday - my poor wisteria got a bit battered and two solar lights were blown off their hooks) The evening was so still and calm though - enjoyed the chance to relax. With a glass of wine of course!

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  1. Gorgeous description of sunset turning to night. Once again, you show why I love your writing so very much...vivid and detailed - placing me right there in the moment with you.


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