Sunday ~ 8th April

To all those who celebrate! Growing up Easter Sunday meant lots of candy - Chocolate Easter Bunnies! And finding all those colorfully dyed eggs that mom hid in the yard for me.

Our Oak trees are pretty much all leafed out  now.

Today has been bright, sunny and mild. Despite a bathroom remodel project this weekend, I did get the camera out and snap some photos in the yard to mark the progress of the various flowering plants.
The first of my Bearded Iris as the bud is forming.

Red Japanese Maple is all leafed out now.

My Hydrangeas are budding up.

What remains of my Azalea blooms - the one on the right is called a Merlin Azalea. *grins*

The Peonies are also showing their first buds.

Lily of the Valley blooming.

My first rose is open - a pink Knock Out variety.

Helen - I'd send you Captain Sparrow to deliver your Easter candy if I could...although I suspect that Captain Acorne would be fuming mad at me if I had!