It's Easter Week - bring on the rain

Easter week in my part of Spain always seems to be cold and damp. It certainly was last year when I had visitors who had packed predominantly t-shirts!

Today, I left the dogs in the garden as I went down the mountain to shop, collect car from the garage - basically to be relieved of cash! As I left a few sploshes of rain fell. Not to worry I thought, they have the verenda.
At the coast it was sunny and warm but as I left the supermarket and looked at the mountain all I could see was black cloud and lightning. Guilt - poor boys.

You can't drive at speed up the mountain, I went as quickly as I could. Horses had broken free from their paddocks, obviously spooked by the storm. I was about to try and lead them back when their owner turned up - I could hurry on to my boys.

My dogs were fine. There had been a hail storm. Balls of ice nestled against the verenda step and oddly one hill-side only, not mine either, was sprinkled white with the stuff.

Since then we've had another hail storm and I can see this lasting for a while. I've lit the fire and the boys are sleeping in front of it. Content again.