1st April...

...No fooling!
 It's lovely and sunny outside, but you have to sit in the sun - the shade is quite chilly.
The coltsfoot (celandine?) is coming out in bloom (called coltsfoot because the leaves look like the imprint of a colt's foot) so little patches of yellow everywhere.
The forget-me-nots as well - mostly blue, but a few pink ones.
Unfortunately, where we had to put a new fence up, they all got rather trampled. I don't think the raspberry bushes have made it through the winter either.

I thought I heard somewhere that the government was going to bring in a restriction on the size of garden/allotment watering cans, 1/2 gallon size cans only. Apparently this will have a two-fold result: less water used and people getting more exercise as they tramp backwards & forwards to keep refilling when we want to water the garden.