17th April ~ Tuesday

*blushes* I have been busy (no excuse!) and not keeping up with the weather!

We've had warm sunny days for a while now. Not a drop of rain thus we are several inches behind in average rainfall so far this year. I've had to water my potted plants quite a bit!

My Bearded Iris are nearly open and our Apple Tree is already loaded with tiny forming Granny Smith green apples. The Snap Dragons are full of blooms and my Knockout Rose (in a pot) is also full of blooms. It is nearly time to take out the Pansies, who are wilting from all this heat, and replant all of my hanging baskets.

There is a threat of late storms today. Just checked the radar and nothing .....yet. The massive tornado outbreaks in the US have not come this far East...yet. But what crazy weather! The weeds are enjoying a booming growth period as well.....