It has been a week of mixed weather fortunes. Two days (Sun and Mon) were spent in t-shirt and shorts in the sun before returning to normal spring attire but with no need for the fire. Last night was definitely cooler and the fire burned merrily in the grate. Just after midnight I left its glowing embers and made my way to bed.

15 minutes later and foster dog is barking his head off and throwing himself bodily at my bedroom door. Sent back to his bed he continued to shiver and shake, then....thunder and lightning. My dogs stood looking on, heads on one-side, perplexed, as foster dog shakes and cries. Turns out he is OK if he can lie next to my bed. Pathetic dog!

I love a storm. We were in the middle of it. Thunder clashed against the house and lightning lit it from one end to the other. I lay in bed and immersed myself in it. Wonderful!

Inspection of the dog bowls this morning relates 1 inch of rain fell in the night. We needed it. More is definitely coming today by the look of it. I won't begrudge it especially as the rest of the weekend is set fair.