12th March - Monday

Today is a bit overcast and mild. The birds are very vocal today - can hear them everywhere in the trees this morning.

Over the weekend my husband and I attended a local wedding - Cowboy style! The bride is the daughter of a friend, and while she wore the traditional white wedding gown, she wore cowboy boots as did the entire wedding party! The men wore cowboy hats to top off the Western theme. The bride arrived in a small cart pulled by a pretty pony.
The father of the bride assisting the flower girl and his daughter from the small cart.

The cupcake wedding cake!

Table decorations consisted of candles lit inside of canning jars on a burlap table runner.

The grooms cake was a white cowboy hat of course!

Two attendants in front of the groom helping his bride into the carriage following the ceremony.
The day was perfect for them - crisp Carolina blue sky (not a cloud in sight). The ceremony took place in a clearing along the Catawba River and reception followed in a tent set up nearby. Simple yet well done - complete with a smattering of hay bales to sit on. I had expected a lot of camouflage outfits from the guests....we were instructed to come 'casually dressed', but surprisingly all I witnessed was jeans, boots, cowboy hats and the like. Bride and groom immediately changed into jeans, hats and t-shirts for the reception. I've had my fill of country music for a while now as well...oh and moonshine was abundant too. *laugh* My husband made the quip: 'They had both kinds of music playin', country AND western!' *laugh*