Who turned the thermostat down on the sun?

I know I shouldn't be moaning as it is not as cold here as many other places in Europe and the States but...this is Southern Spain for goodness sake!
The air temp did not rise above 8C outside today and a very light, but distinctly frosty wind, meant that I could not enjoy the sun on the verendah as I have for the past couple of days. The fire has been burning up my log supply and I managed to get the temp in the living area to a balmy 16C. I think my almost non-stop writing is the only reason I still have blood flow to my fingertips.

My next house will have central heating, I cannot winter without it for a third year (I'm getting old I've determined), as well as a fire. These things I used to poo poo as for wusses are now absolute essentials. I'll just get my winceyette nighty and thick bedsocks...